Elem Spring Concert

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Just something simple. Any feedback would be appreciated... Thnx!
version 01

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Fun! Here are some suggestions:

- Darker drop shadow on the "Reach..." headline, so that the white type reads more easily against the lighter colors of the rainbow

- Make "Reach" and "Rainbow" bigger, and tighten the leading of the headline. Consider using a dotless i in "Rainbow."

- At the bottom, I'm not crazy about the relationship between the uppercase letters (PRIL, P.M.) and the old-style numbers.

- Tie the top and bottom together by putting a yellow background behind the date/time info.

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thanks Mark!
for your suggestions: you're right, you're right, you're right and i dunno...
I made all the changes you suggested, the only one i'm unsure about is the yellow band at the bottom. This was my idea for the poster, but I didn't have a clear idea where i wanted the date, time, place info to go... i kinda toyed with the idea of putting some white clouds behind the arms at the bottom and placing blue text in the spaces in between the arms... but i didn't get that to work either... any other suggestions?

here's an update:

application/pdfsecond proof
ReachLTR.pdf (91.3 k)

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I don't mind the yellow, but I see what you mean: the long straight border between yellow and the rest of the poster is kind of severe. What if you made the yellow/blue intersection more hand-drawn, in the same way that the arcs of rainbow aren't perfect?

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I think that the main issue is the composition. too static. You can try 2 things - in order to tell a story with your poster:
1. play with the angle of the rainbow - or
2. play with the angle of the hands

then and after that deal with the type

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Paul my problem is every element has the same priority. If the hands are the most important visual element, try making the rainbow pastel to allow the hands to stand out.

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hmmm... now those are some harder issues for me to grasp/fix. i'll hafta put some more thought into this... thanks for your feedback, i'll see what i can do...

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okay... i tried to take your (collective) advice to heart and so i made the hands smaller to give them less prominence and tried messing with the angles a bit. this gave me some space to put the info text in a better position (i hope). what do you think of it now?

application/pdfthird time's a charm... (i hope)
ReachLTR2.pdf (88.5 k)

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Much improved. The clouds make a nice holding area for the date/time info, and changing the angle/size of the hands makes the whole thing look more organic.

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