Typography Presentation from Chicago Humanities Festival

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Hi all,

Long time no post! Sorry about that. I got married, bought a house, had a kid-- forums were the first thing to get cut. I guess I was never super active here, but nevertheless I'm glad my account is still around. I still think of this as the premiere place to talk about type.

I work at the Chicago Humanities Festival, and we just posted a video of a presentation by Chicago designer Jason Pickleman. He's created identities and branding for some great restaurants and cultural organizations here in Chicago.

His talk covers three areas:

  • A philosophical look at the role of text and type in our lives
  • A look inside his own creative process
  • (My personal favorite) A biting critique of trends in Chicago signage

It's about 45 minutes long, and you can watch it on youtube.

We'd love your feedback, especially if you were willing to share it as YouTube comments (comments are part of how we measure success in getting our content online).

Hope all is well in Typophile land.

Matt Heinrich

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Egads! My unordered list is outdented! CSS to fix this (from one webmaster to another):

.node ul {margin-left: 75px;}

I wonder if this has something to do with the (temp) in the masthead?

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Thanks for sharing.

BTW, congrats! Well, maybe not about the money-pit that a house is, but the rest. :-)


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The YouTube transcribed closed captions are amusing. Fortunately I can figure out what they’re really supposed to be most of the time.

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