Which fonts it is?

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i seek two font, what are their names ?

font 1 :


font 2:


thanks you very much

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For future reference, post ID requests on the main Type ID Board:


The Solved ID boards are for Solved IDs.

There is no need to repost this. It will be moved for you.

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Please, are you idea ?


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You will need to post a larger specimen.

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The letterspacing on the italic is atrocious. Both appear to be some flavor of Garamond.

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I think you are right Nick, it could be Garamond No 2 by URW++

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Looks like you nailed it, Fivos: the lowercase italic letterspacing at small sizes is really awful…

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is it the same font ?


thanks you very much

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that is to say

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Um, was there a question mark supposed to follow?

That is to say, if you have a PDF, all you have to do is look in the Fonts list.

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