fontlab 5 problem with metric window

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I am VERY new at this. I am trying to set my space between my letters and am unable to see the letters in the metrics window. I type them and can see the info in the window but not the letters below or the sliders to change the spacing......working on mac, tried to find a preference or some info but am stuck.

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In your screenshot, it looks like the 'x' in the Font window is grey rather than black, which suggests it's showing either the mask or bitmap layer, and the actual outline layer is either empty or has open paths. As for the spacing sliders, they only appear in Metrics Mode, not Text Mode.

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Thanks you sir, I have figured it out. My first attempt at my own complete font was relatively successful. I have a vintage type book that I am scanning and turning into vectors to make TTF’s but so very new at this and am having trouble with everything. Going to need to work at it more but appreciate the help.

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So you went from not knowing what layer to put the outlines on to a successful complete font in about three hours?


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