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I am VERY new at this. I am trying to set my space between my letters and am unable to see the letters in the metrics window. I type them and can see the info in the window but not the letters below or the sliders to change the spacing......working on mac, tried to find a preference or some info but am stuck.

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sorry very new to this forum too will post this in the right spot!

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It looks like you don't actually have letter outlines in those slots (since the x appears gray rather than black in the font window). Did you accidentally design letters in the mask layer rather than the main layer (or accidentally switch the layers)?

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I don’t mean to be rude, but have you checked the manual?

Granted, the manual is long and of limited usefulness overall, but you should at least read enough to get a basic orientation. That is what it’s there for, to help beginners get started.

From the gray appearance of your ‘x’ in the Font window (in the background of your image), it looks like you might have drawn your outlines in the Mask layer, which won’t display in the Metrics window. You should be drawing in the Outline layer.

[ Edit: looks like Craig beat me to it, while I was previewing ;-) ]

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Learn Fontlab Fast is the thing to read to learn FontLab. The manual is an index of functions that you can learn from once you are oriented on the basics.

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Well gee thanks guys, reading the manual, what a novel idea. Its only 900 plus pages long, I said I was VERY new at you remember everything you have ever read? IF I could have found the info in the manual I was looking for I would not have posted here.....I have since figured it out but yes I was doing something wrong and Eliason, thank you for at least attempting to help and not treating me like a moron :)

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No one was being rude or condescending. They were trying to be helpful.

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Asking people to read is offensive.


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how do I "like" hrant's comment?

Jason C

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do you remember everything you have ever read?

Yes: an annoying large amount. Would you care to discuss Egyptian Religion or the Purkinje Effect?

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It's because you're using a Macintosh.

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