Casady & Greene Font license?

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Anyone here know the license/term of use status for Casady & Greene Fonts?

I want to use the font on a logo.

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Most of them appear to be knock-offs: why not deal with a "reputable" foundry?

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Casady & Greene were among the first, possibly THE first to create digitized personal computer fonts, with their FLF (Fluent Laser Fonts) collection. It appears that when they went out of business they didn't give or sell their rights to any successor person or organization. With one or two exceptions, Richard Ware publicly announced that his fonts (those with his name in the copyright field) would henceforth be free. Unfortunately, I don't recall, and at the moment can't find, exactly which font(s) stayed commercial. I know that Typoasis at one point had all of his fonts freely available, but at his request they removed one. He is since deceased (prior to 2008). There is one very un-detailed google-able comment that his estate may be or have been involved in a font copyright dispute.


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