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I have to come up with logo design for me. can someone, please give me input on logo. which version do you think i should use.

logo design

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( Off topic note to self.: For the first time ever, my post got lost, beyond the Typophile server curtains.. )

Out of these, I would say 'v2'..
( But, as this is your very own, personal logotype, maybe you should somehow try to add even more of a personal note and character.. Instead of deciding over trends and style.. )

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thank you David. This really helps :-)

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Hopefully my reply didnt sound too 'harsh'.. Sorry if it did..
( The logotype just currently seems a bit generic, to me.. )

Well, and, should it be 'MU', or 'MV'.?

Oh, and a sincere 'Welcome to Typophile', of course..

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