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The company I'm trying to help has either lost or was never given the original eps/psd for their logo. Logo's about 6yrs old I believe, and the designer was out of Quebec. I've included both the English and French versions.

There appear to be at least two fonts being used here, one for "STEEL" and one for "Plus Network Inc". Possibly three - I'm not sure the "S" and "TEEL" come from the same font.

For "STEEL", WhatTheFont gave me Snv D Extra Cond as the best match, but it doesn't quite match up for line thickness, length of the middle bar on the "e", etc.

Thanks much for taking a look!

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Eek, what a mess. You’re right, there are more than two fonts here: the NETWORK INC is Helvetica, while the PLUS is something else (looks a little like a cut of Futura). To top it off the PLUS INC in the French version isn’t one typeface.

Sorry, can’t help with the STEEL.

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STEEL looks mighty Universy to me…

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@oldnick: I don't think it is... Univers looks like a much wider font than this one.

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This one is not so wide: Univers 49 Light Ultra Condensed

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Good call, that looks very much like the one!

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