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Hi everyone,

A friend of mines is starting a small side business making making custom volumes (holds) for climbing gyms. The idea here is that all of his products are made from triangles, so all of the typography is derived from a 30,60,90 triangle.The name of the company is Irujo.

I am trying to put together a solid logo for him to use and I would love to hear some feedback from everyone. Feel free to critique color palette, typographic form, and readability.

Also, The logo needs to work printed and as a stencil to spray paint onto the products.

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This doesn't really scan as a word (at least not in English), but when I try really hard to figure it out, I read Xrvjo. Maybe you could try another solution besides making all your letterforms out of triangles.

If you are going to spray-paint the logo onto the product with a stencil, you'll have a hard time replicating the gradient fill. You'll get better results silk-screening the logo onto the product. You can order printed labels, too, but be sure to ask for ones that use inks, substrates, and adhesives designed for outdoor use.

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What kind of sicko befriends mines?! (Kidding.)

Seriously, in situations like this the key is to resist the temptation to make it totally literal, otherwise the results typically end up totally gimmicky. Either use actual triangles very sparingly, or merely allude to triangles. Subtlety is key. You might even go for -or start from- something as subtle as this:


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Thank you for you're feedback! Im going to be working on it in the next few days and I hope you have a chance to see the changes.

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And please just work in black/white for the time being. Colour distracts your work. Believe me.
I also agree with both previous comments. This logo doesn't work. It's unreadable, unprofessional, unmemorable. It's too gimmicky. And Custom volume doesn't complement other shapes either.

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This isn't working.

though ... you did post it ... so you must think it IS working on some level. Talk us through it.

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