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Artist For Modern Livin (AFML) is a new company that produces glass and ceramic tiles, vases, decorative and functional glass and ceramics. Greatest influence on the products is mostly Bauhaus school of design. Simple, geometric, and affordable for the people. Artists are German and American. Fabrication is done in one of the worlds largest glass facilities in China. I had three rules to work by. Make logo design reflect aesthetics of Bauhaus era / theory. ALM (no F wanted) should be legible. Icon not required, in fact a typographic solution is desired. Must be designed to be chemically etched (reversed on glass/ stampable on ceramics.Artist for modern living

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Here is a second sample sheet. I should mention many design are work in progress and some merely experiments in
legibility-letterform deconstruction-form studies. specimen sheet 2

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Ole, take all of your designs and make them the smallest they will ever appear. This will help you remove the weakest ones as they won't hold up to the reduction. I think at small sizes the grid lines won't hold up. Just some thoughts

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