Größe Font (the extra squared geometric font)

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Hi guys,

This is my first post, I'm a designer and for several years I am interested in typedesign, I'm not a typedesigner but I try.

Größe is my first real project, and is a project that I'm working on for some years.
Größe (Grosse) in german means "big-large". The design of the font is inspired by the northern european architecture, with its clean lines, modula, simple and squared.

Link to Grosse

Whene I started designing it I thought of something that could be used on posters and at wide boy, the geometric shapes and the solid structure makes it a very good choice to make posters.

The goal is to to make it compatible with many languages ​​as possible, also cyrillic and if it's possibile chinese, the Chinese could be useful?

Thank you all.
Critics are welcome!

If you want to help my project

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The wide boys will love it!

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If this is your first project I'd steer clear of Chinese otherwise it'll be your ONLY project ever - It will take your whole lifetime. I'd stick to European if I were you.

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Yes, I know it's quite!
In fact, it will be the last thing I do, if I can.

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No Chinese, but all european languages.
I'm Closer to the final version.

What do you think? Critics and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you.

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Looks pretty badass, especially in Greek and Cyrillic!

Though I'd make {Σ} a bit more distinct from {E}, they currently look very much alike.

Also, Größe is a noun meaning "size; greatness", not an adjective.

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Thank you Catharsis,

There are three versions, I still prefer the second.
Because the type has less oblique lines as possible.

Have you more suggestions?

About the name you're right, I used the term in an evocative way.


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New tests

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