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Hi Typophiles,

This is the first sketches of the logo of "Ma

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Nice Miguel, it conveys a very rustical and spontaneous feeling.

The lines in the base of the M, a, n and k that are too straight, make them rough.
Uppercase M is too light.
I prefer the double storey lower case a.

This logo would benfit of some kind of musical or folk reference with a hand made sense such as chaquira, hand painting, hand engraving or something like that.

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Here is Ma

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I really like the top version, with the single storey 'a', but maybe thats just a personal, current preference.. Nicely done, Miguel..

( Oh, and, I may second H

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Nicely done indeed, Miguel. I just think the tilde is a bit too heavy.
And, I have not listened to the band's music (obviously!), so I wonder if the logo isn't too "cute" for a folk-prog band?

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Hi and thanks to all,

I will do now some new alternatives with some of your suggestions. About the sound of the music, the compositor and leader of the band show me 3 songs of the first EP album demos. The rock sound is defined as FAT, as a difference with other andean rock bands, because of the riffs and the melodic solos are from an andean flute called Quena, who is sweeter than electric guitar . BTW, i try to do a more close "vernacular" or warm feeling in the proportion of the letters because of the flutes.., that

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