Been trying to do this forever...

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I've been trying to master this worn/letter pressed looking effect.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to master this?

*image attached*

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First off, find some paper texture you want to use, preferably something a little more contrasty in the balance of white and black. Select the texture, and copy it.

Switch over to the image you're working on. In your layer's panel in Photoshop, select the layer you want to have the effect applied to; ie, the type. Click on add new layer vector mask. In your channels panel, click on the visibility of your newly created mask, it should by default be called, "Layer Mask 1". Paste the texture now, and you'll notice you can already see the texture acting as a mask; at this point you can scale or repeat the texture as needed.

Depending on what you have resting behind the layer you've applied the texture mask to, you'll now be able to see through it to the layers below. You can sweeten the effect as needed by playing around with the opacity options, like multiply, etc.

It's a nice way of adding some organic "noise" to an otherwise purely digital image. By playing around with different source textures, you can achieve different levels of "grunge" to your final image.

An example of a vector image, that was given a coarse, cardboard finish:



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You rock. Thanks!

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