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"NYC Type tells the ongoing story of New York City through the perspective of the letterforms found throughout its streets. "

I'd like to see it be made, anybody else?

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It seems to me this has already been done. Just a few years ago I contributed to such an endeavor. I'll check my discs and see if I can find the images. But ya, NYC is a great typographic landscape to be depicted by as many views and styles as possible :)


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But it's also a receding landscape. I can't be sure of Kickstarter's demographic, but it probably leans to the young side, and the only young people who would be into this enough to pay real money are the ones who are under the influence of old art/design school teachers. :-/


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Call me pedantic, but it bums me out that they call it NYC_TYPE when so many of their examples are non-type lettering.

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Double entendre chosen by the director no doubt. My pedantry crits how many of those letter forms actually originated in NYC.


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