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I am making the logo for the owner of a clothing agency targeted at the high-end fashion world.

The name is Antonio Vitelli, so I created a logo mark whee you can grasp the two initials. I wanted to have an extremely solid and versatile look and feel to it.

What do you think ?

By the way the version with text is about to come...

Thanks for your attention

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A bit too similar to the Arnoldo Mondadori's one (an Italian publisher):

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I think it's not. And I like this design way better.

Can't wait for the whole thing.

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I think you need to resolve the different stroke widths, especially between the thins of each letter. But it is a good start.

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Bellissimo! Also agree with Luma, I would try playing around with the stroke widths to achieve a slightly more harmonious balance. Still very sexy though, congratulations.

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Hi guys,

I would like to thank you all for your replies.

I attach here the final version of the logo, complete of company's name Antonio Vetelli (my bad I spelled Vitelli in the first post, it's Vetelli).

Let me know your opinion,

Thank you

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You still need to fix the thickness of the serifs imho.

Not a fan of the company name logotype. It's not unique at all.

Still very much like the concept of your mark :)

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I like it. Not sure the type quite fits though - could be the ratio.

Have you tried placing the V off-centre slightly? I'm seeing an M.

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What's with all the spam links nowadays.

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word :p

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They appear to follow similar threads. I will be marking them as I go.

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