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i suppose it might help more if one heard the music (to know if the logo fits them), but any crits in general are welcome.

application/x-shockwave-flashswitchblade romance
sr-4type.swf (2.4 k)

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Love it!

One thing that bothers me is the swirl on the S...I find it to be really distracting. Maybe try tucking it into the lower curve of the S.

The w and the E (at the end of switchblade) seem a tad heavy in relation to the other letters.

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I really really ,,, really like this. I can see how Kyle finds the 's' distracting. My first instinct would be to move 'Romance' to the right where it would fit into that nook at the end. Hope you don't mind I couldn't help myself.

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Yes, very well done PC.

And tiffany, I was gonna do *exactly* what you did to eliminate that "dead white" space. Another option is to put it all on one line.

Maybe the 'D' on blade could be extended or be a bit bigger. It might look good sharpened.

The junction at the lower left of the B could be sharpened too, like the M and N in Romance.

agree with kyle about the Es. Maybe the E in switchblade could be a tad smaller.

nice custom work.


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I agree that the Switchblade E should be smaller.

My main problem is with the R, cause i first read PLOMANCE, :-(

Yes I know its silly but is the first thing i read

Maybe the leg of the R should cross a little bit to the right and be more expresive and less vertical like the S in Swichblade.


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I liked the dead white space as opposed to of centered diagonal reading.

thought the white space made a good the type was a mouth and space was the mouth.

oo I need sleep

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some rough alterations.

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