A sans to accompany Bulmer?

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I'm having a lot of trouble finding a sans accompaniment to Bulmer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the available designs based on British grots of the earlier 1800s (Bureau Grot, Figgins Sans, Maple), or derived from Baskerville (John Sans, Mr Eaves), don't really work. Neo-grotesques all seem too superellipsey, and don't really share Bulmer's horizontal proportions anyway.

This is for a small British vendor of expensive men's accessories. The sans will mainly be used for product specs in catalogues - dimensions, the kind of batteries needed, etc. - but there might be occasional use on product packaging too.

All help will be very gratefully received.

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Thanks Nick! That's a nice match, though the ideal sans for this job would be slightly less friendly - the intended look is fairly austere.

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