TASER Zombies Contest

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Hi everybody,

Thank you for adding us to your forum.
We just wanted to invite you to a little contest we are having for Halloween:
It's called the TASER C2 vs. Zombies: Infographic & Poster Contest.

It's free to participate and you can win a TASER C2 ECD.
Rules and other details are available on that landing page: http://www.taser.com/zombies
You can also email TASER at zombies@taser.com

Just a fun way to get free stuff! Pass it on to your friends too!
Thank you again

TASER International

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Taser guns, how much brutality have policemen done with these things? Hey but it's cool. Here, let me draw a picture for ya.

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Yes they are misused sometimes, but tasers can also save lives (of both officers and suspects) by disabling dangerous suspects without use of lethal force.

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>Just a fun way to get free stuff!

Yes, Taser gets free infographics.

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use of lethal force is a whole different argument. Police are trained to shoot for 'centre of body mass'. I.e., shoot to kill. If there are heavily indoctrinated to shoot for the centre of body mass and if they shoot to injure, they are liable to be disciplined for negligence. On the other hand, how about training them to use their heads and defuse tense situations instead of escalating them like idiot teenage jocks.

Tasers reduce the likely hood a cop will bother to talk a situation down before playing Quick Draw McGraw.

If (IF) I were to enter this contest the result would be so obscenely violent, Tsaser International would wish they had never had this bright idea.


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Reminds me of a local electrician. He'd used as side art on his service wagon an illustration of a flashing and sparking skeleton. Self-referential humour, mind, as he was known for getting into (literally) shocking situations.

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"Just a fun way to get free stuff! "

You mean an easy way for you to get free work!

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