Hairline thickness

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How thin can/should a hairline weight be (on 1000 upm)? When is too thin?

Crazy questions, please have mercy!


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The stem of the upper case 'i' in FF Meta Hairline is 10 em (is that the correct usage?) wide on a 1000 upm grid. I do not imagine that you would want to go much below that.

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I'm working on an ultralight, and the stem of the capital I is 18 thick. I'm not going to make it any thinner ;-)

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Of course this depends (at minimum) on how big the resulting font will be set.

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Luc (de)Groot has done one with 1 unit. I think it is visible at 1 Meter, or was it 10?

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What Craig said.

BTW, at 1 unit, can you even make normal curves?!


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I think there were curves, but am not exactly sure. I designed my Agilita Hairline with 4 units which was extremely difficult, especially in the Italics. For optical compensation i went down to 3 units. And that was the end of affairs, i found. The next weight UltraThin is four times as thick (16) :-)

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