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Hi! I'm interested in the following:

1. suggestions for a font that will emulate the ornamental features of the headline in the attached image.

I'm referring to THE CHAUTAUQUA -- the ornament elements being used sparingly and to great effect here.

2. suggestions for a font similar to the other letters. I think there are 3 different fonts going here.

a. The non ornamented font in the headline... a kind of Copperplate, perhaps, but more robust, yes?

b. font on lines 2? No idea

c. font on line 3? No idea

3. Finally, what would be a good font to use alongside this image in a poster? Something that will complement and pair well with these fonts, without replicating them.

Most grateful in advance for any input... (I know this is a lot to ask!)

Many thanks!

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The best place for that kind of artwork is probably Letterhead Fonts. You'd probably find there some interesting alternatives to these fonts.
A quick search at MyFonts using "Victorian" as keyword should probably be useful too: catchwords, ornaments, fonts...

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Thanks tons!

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