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Hey everyone --

I'm looking for a good typeface that simulates a heavily-used (I won't say grunge) ticket or receipt printer. I'm looking for better fonts than what I find from searching for "receipt" on myfonts.com and would like some recomendations. I would prefer something that looks like it was thermally printed like the first example below rather than dot matrix, but right now I could go either way with this.

Here are some scans of a few styles of type that I would love to find fonts for.


Thanks, I appreciate it!

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I don't know -- looks like someone's trying to find a cheap way into the next U2 show... ;-)

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LineTo has some lovely(?) faces in this vein.


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Thanks for the help everyone, I'm gonna go ahead and use Typodermic's Telidon Ink

Much appreciated!

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Try digging around the Test Pilot Collective library - they have some really great typefaces that work well in this vein.


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There's Julien Janiszewski's Ticket de Caisse

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