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I try to find a font similar as Mentone and Univers Bold. I need a font simple to read for people with vision problems, sans serif, with big leading, tracking and kerning. A mix between the letters of Mentone and the layout of Univers Bold.

Thank you!

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Why not just use Mentone or Univers?

BTW those two are not at all similar so it's hard to figure out what would be in between...


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Hey, Hrant! Play along, wouldya? Although, I must admit: I have no clue what “the layout of Univers Bold” is supposed to mean. Silly me.

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Sorry, my English is very bad, I don't know how to exprime myself well! :)

We make school books and games and our first goal is for people with learning problems. Habitually, we use Comic Sans MS for kids books, not a good font but near of kids writing. We want to find a font more serious for adults. We use only Bold fonts because teachers need to photocopy some pages.

We like the letters of Mentone, the letters are geometric, near of letters we learn at school, so easy to read. Sometimes the G or the F are special in some fonts, but it's not good for us. We also like AvantGarde, but the text is too compact with it.

For Mentone, the space between the words and the sentences is too near. For the space, we prefer Univers. Each word is far from each other, we can easily fond a word in the text.

Maybe I have to reformulate my question: I need a font with geometric or very simple letters, easy to read in bold and small size, a lot of space between each words and good space between each sentence.

So, with all the fonts, it's hard to find one good. Maybe you have suggestions. Or maybe we want something that is not existing :).

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Maybe try: Cronos or even Optima.

Futura is very close to Avant Garde. You can always adjust the spacing yourself (software permitting).

Using a bold font will not help in photocopying, and may actually become harder to read than a normal font as the weight of the strokes increases.

I also would not limit myself to sans serif fonts, even for people with reading difficulties.

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You could look at the Tiresias family. Its licence (GPL v3) explicitly permits modifying.

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It's unlikely you need to resort to a libre font... and you might end up spending more time/money modifying it!

Avant Garde: Beware, super low readability!

You might look at the Sassoon fonts. But: handwriting varies between countries.

A good layout program can vary the wordspace independently. But you could also ask the designer of Mentone (who actually used to hang out here, but couldn't stand yours truly so he left) if he'd be willing to make you a special version (assuming his EULA does not allow modification - if it does, and he's not willing to do it for you, then somebody like me could do it for a small fee).

Lastly, if you have the budget, you can get exactly the font you need, custom-made. At your service:
hpapazian at gmail dot com


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@hrant – Nary harm looking at Tiresias. If nothing else, OP can toss it away without feeling the money would have been better spent on a pint.

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Thanks everybody for your answers! Unfortunately, we don't have money for a special font, so I will try the tip to ajust the space in the program.

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