(x) Cursor Miner "The Sport of Kings" - ITC Serif Gothic {Yves}

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Can anyone help me ID this one?

(Taken from Non-Format)

Seen it many times, but never figured out what it was: one of those types I love and hate.

Thank you!

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I didn't refresh the page, sorry.

jmc _=+

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Great! Thanks guys! Unbelievable, the speed of this place.

* Rushes to checkout counter

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Folkert, just wanted to note, that we had quite a few ID requests for your 'Saturate' logotype..
Seems to be liked and admired by a lot of people.. ( Oh, and before anyone posts another ID request.: Pssst, its 'Eclat'.. )

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Hah! I'm forever in debt to Mr. Doyald - all I did was type it out!

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