Echo & Loss

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This is one of the name/logo rejects for a recent project. Any guesses what the company does? :)

echo-&-loss.png6.8 KB
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Something along the lines of Lacuna Corp.? ;-)

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Must be a company that uses bats to find your keys.

Or an abortion clinic. (Sorry.)


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Technology, Law or perhaps hearing mechanisms/systems.

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You are clearly not sysadmins, fellas, or you would've recognized a reference to ping :) A pretty contrived reference at that, but still...

That's a great movie, Riccardo.

Abortion clinic - good one, though Echo doesn't really fit.

Sevag, that'd be a bit too literal. Might've as well gone with something like "Being Deaf Sucks Inc." :)

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Echo doesn't really fit

I think it does:

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