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Hey all,

I don't have a great script library and could use some help. Most of what I have is either too formal/ornate or too grungy/handwritten. I'm looking for something that is authentic, somewhat formal, italian/wine label-esque but contemporary.

Any ideas would help!


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Where does Hipster fit into (or not into) your specs?

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Authentic AND wine label-esque? Ooh: that’s a toughie…

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Authentic in what context?

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The Hipster fit is a little too brushed casual for what I need, but I like it. I'm ultimately looking for a font to use now, but long term would really just like to build my script collection so any suggestions would help.

I was looking at something like http://www.losttype.com/font/?name=lavanderia
Something sort of in that vein. I like some things going on with that font, but some of the swash caps were a bit much.

--Authentic in that it's a somewhat traditional script without having too much of the ornate cursive (like chopin).

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Might I suggest Lavanderia WITHOUT THE SWASH CAPS?

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Yikes, what a fail.

I was just looking for a few suggestions even if they were relatively shots in the dark. I guess I came to the wrong place :/

Thanks for responding anyways

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Have you looked at Sudtipos?

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Thanks Karl - There's a lot of quality scripts here and also nice to see them in use.

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You may also find this thread on script typeface foundries helpful.

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[duplicate post, please delete]

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And don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out…

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Jesus Hotrodding Christ on a sailboard! @oldnick, hie yourself to the hospital and have yourself scanned for brain tumors, stat! (That's ER-grade stat, btw: "Right this very bloody moment or I'll make you watch 72 hours of Teletubbies!")

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What about the Typophile (temp) logo?

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