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Hi everyone, just found this lovely font used on the Intimissimi website, any clue what font it is?

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close similar: Sterling Script (Canada Type, 2005)

there is also OPTI AltoGreeting Script Castcraft Software, Inc. (1990-1991) which seems closer to your sample, but Sterling Script is probably of better quality

I found them using Find my Font -

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In fact it it a close match, but not quite the exact one. Thank you very much for your help.

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To be deleted.

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American Greeting Script - a typeface from long before digital fonts. Thanks to Mike Yanega, you can see a showing of one of the digital versions (Altast Greeting) here and the names of various digital versions here.

Unfortunately, all of the font companies are long gone. Web search is your friend ...

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Hi Mike, thanks for your help. I am not sure I understand correctly, does this mean that this typeface is not digital?
Since I found this on the website, I tend to consider this a little awkward, mostly considering how the company makes use of typeface both in print and web communication.
Meaning, why use a-not-available-in-digital-format typeface?
But maybe I did not get it right.

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Try Altast Greeting which is actually the font listed on Mike’s site.

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YES, this is it. Although the meaning of the discourse is still confused to me...:-) Thank you!

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I think what Mike F was trying to say, if I may try to rephrase it, is that many fonts we have are digital re-creations (revivals) of old pre-digital typefaces. "Altast Greeting" is such a re-creation, and was re-named to avoid possible copyright issues with the typeface name.

- Mike Yanega

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