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I recently read the article on ILT.com about conceptual type(http://ilovetypography.com/2012/09/25/beauty-and-ugliness-in-type-font-d...) and in that article, the author talks about books written by Bodoni and others. Since these books have been written some centuries ago, it is safe to assume that they are out of copyright. I was wondering if i can access these books anywhere online. Not only books by Bodoni but by other typographers also. Can any one point me to these books.

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Frederic Goudy did a spectacular series of monographs in the early twentieth centur, many of which are available in the Library of Congress…which doesn't help you, you being in India, and all.

Google Goudy Ars Typographica…

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Nothing with a physical manifestation can be purely conceptual, but nothing made by a sentient being can be totally devoid of concept.


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If you look at my comment, I listed quite a few great free type books.

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Have you been “training for the Olympics” again?

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