In case you missed this…

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Evidently, Typophile does not like form buttons…

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Many thanks to all who heeded my plea—all seven of, what? Maybe three million or more people who have downloaded my freeware fonts over the last fifteen years?

Again, my thanks to Haley Moore, Tim Daly, Karl Stange, Tim Dekeyser, Christopher Burton, Nicole Barry and—of course—Hrant, you cheap bastard.

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Hey, I don't even use fonts.


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Hey oldnick, far be it for me to point out a possible editorial error in anyone's work ... but, shouldn't the first sentence of the last paragraph read...

'Which leaves me with you, dear readers.'

Instead of ...

'Which leaves my with you, dear readers.'

In case you missed it ;)


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Thank you so much: it makes SUCH a difference. Send me your PayPal address and I'll make a DONATION for your proofreading services…

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Me, a proofreader ... FUNNY!!!


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Meet Nick Curtis, the only type designer in history to ever have financial problems. Hear his sad tragic tale and cry with your very soul. Things didn't work out the way he would have liked, so now we can all go F off...

Don't you just want to help him so?...


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Guys, shut up! Leave the man alone.

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$165 million Elephant in the Room

Being a typesetting noob, i don't understand this expression. Who is the elephant here?

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Hey, Ryan!

Ponying up a buck wouldn't kill you, you know. My crazy cracks and snappy comebacks do not come free…

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Like I told you before, Nick, you should lay out a nice specimen book of some or all of your fonts, perhaps with a short biography woven through it. Sell it publish on demand, or get funding through kickstarter. I'm not just gonna give you free money out of pity, especially since I have never used or downloaded any of your fonts.

You have a good hook as they say, you have created over 1100 fonts. This makes you interesting, even to the public at large who barely know what fonts are. I could see you getting press or perhaps even getting on some national tv talk shows as 'the man who created 1100 fonts.' But don't whine about your misfortune and hold your hand out like a common beggar. Nobody respects that.

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Ryan, your heartfelt condolences and unbridled compassion are truly stirring. You maroon.

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