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Sans to Serif; "Evolve already."

Is that a joke?


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Here's an old one I wrote on Typographunnies last year.

For awhile, when the site was new, I was a contender for the #1 spot.
Almost always second to the guy who just wrote "Comic Sans" in Comic Sans.
Oh, it hurts! Anyway, here's the joke:

A sans-serif face walks into the street and is hit
by a Swiss Modernist truck. The carnage is grotesk.
But you know, akzidenz happen.


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Some of these made me laugh a tittle.

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An oldie but a goodie -- "Comic Sans walks into a bar and the bartender says: "We don't serve your type here."

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In the same bent as the Comic Sans one.

PS: if the Comic Sans cartoon roused you, try BanComicSans.com.

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How did the detective know the strangler was a typographer?
He could tell by the ligature marks on the victim's neck.

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What type geeks are most likely to die from: Parkinson

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So why did the dyslexic person not get cured?
On the form he wrote he had "byslexia".


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Do drill instructors like PT Serif?

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we were hoping to hire Laura for our team, but only only for a temporary position. She went with another job! ;-)

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Does anyone recall a comedy video about what it would be like if people treated everyone like they treat freelancers? I'm trying to find it.

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