Constellation: Taurus

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I have a new school project and I need to know as much as possible about the constellation Taurus.
Can any of you help me out?

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Isn't that the name of a Ford sedan? Or do I have that confused with another entirely-not-typography-related issue?

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Its official Unicode is U+2649. Not much more a typography forum can teach you. Well, other than "why would one ask this on a typography forum!?"

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I can tell you that its symbol looks like this ♉


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Corundum is a text font that includes astrological symbols—

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Instead of a bull can you make a letter out of the pattern?
(You see where we're all coming from Torri? :-)


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I checked, but it doesn’t seem to have one called Taurus.

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The constellation Taurus was first discovered in 1983 at CERN, and only got added to the zodiac as late as 2009. Some countries still refuse to show it on their local star charts. Instead they have Officina Typographica at its location.

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My teacher said I had to ask on this site..

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hrant: "[...] can you make a letter out of the pattern?"

There is "Latin Small Letter Ou" at Unicode number U+0223.

Torri: "My teacher said I had to ask on this site."

Perhaps your teacher was looking for a particular answer from a particular person.

Did you know that the Semitic letter 'alef which became the Greek alpha and the first letter A of the Roman alphabet means ox? The grapheme was originally a pictogram of the head of an ox with two horns, as at the Wadi el-Hol and Serabit el-Khadem Proto-Sinaitic inscriptions.

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Heyyy, good angle. (Although part of me remains an Alfred Kallir person.)


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