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Hello everyone,
this is my first post in typophile after a long time reading this forum...

Here we go,
I'm designing a logo for my own, and after working on it for weeks, I still think it needs some improvement...

So, I'm asking for your help, your considerations, opinions and sugestions...
anything useful is most welcome...

Thanks a lot.
Guilherme P. Menga


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I like it.
I think the 'o-r' needs to be improved,
and the 'c' maybe too narrow needs to be
rotated a little bit clockwise.


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I agree about the 'or'...
but I'm not sure what to do about it...
I could use some sugestions...

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Hey there

Looks nice - I think there is a problem with the r, the i and the begining of the n. How can I explain this...hmmm. they seem to look like type thats "just" been cut of by the outline of the other letters close to them. Take the "i". Its ends to "pointy" to "sharp". The whole logo is very round and nice but there are those 3 places that just looks wrong - like you need to work those areas a bit more...

Am I wrong? Did it make sense?


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Or, you could use uppercase 'R' shape, as in Radio 88


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good sugestions, ill work them out... let's see how that goes...

I'll post something new asap.

thanks for your help =)

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Hi everyone,
I'm back with a little change in the logo...

After trying some ideas and sugestions, I realized that the only thing that was bothering me in this logo was the 'or'. So, I focused on that and came up with this option...

I could use your considerations, opinions and sugestions...

thanks a lot.
Guilherme Menga.

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I rather read 'orgonica' now, but maybe thats just me.?

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I would like to see the vertical of the r at the bottom of the o. Have you tried a 2 storey a which might help with Dav(id)'s observation and the ca join?

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Hi Guilherme,

I think this is an ok idea, but I think you need to be careful not to over do it. It would need just the right word to make "organic" ligatures happen between every letter and not look contrived (this is the trouble I see with your design). If you have to resort to overlapping letters and adding little white spaces, it's probably not a natural combination like LA or rt

Consider backing away from the ligature idea a few notches and restricting them to the places where they fit naturally which is this case is pretty much nowhere.

I would start by adding enough space between the letters that each stands on its own, with enough balance between white and black. Then maybe consider these more subtle connections:
1. Bring the leg of the n to loop into the i
2. Bring the ear of a two story g into the top of a two story a

Or try a new idea intirely. There are lots of ways you could suggest organic:
- How about more natural and totally non-geometric?
- Try drawing your logo by drizzling chocolate syrup. At least you can eat the results that turn out bad. (scanning would be a problem though :-)

Go exploring and have fun.

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