Friendly sans serif that you love?

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Hi All,

I have been a lurker on this forum for a little while but now I have a question that I would like to ask. :)

I am working on a property / land release job and I am looking for a friendly and contemporary sans-serif face, perhaps with a hint of personality. NOT GOTHAM! But something in the same vein, perhaps something new that you have seen and would love to see used more.

Suggestions welcome!


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Wow: Swagg IS a gem. Definitely contemporary, with just enough swagg-er of its own to set it apart from the crowd…

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I'm very partial to Freight Sans.

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I also like the new Bernini by Tim Ahrens, Kohinoor Latin, Panno, Alright, Tabac Sans and Akagi. Apart from Panno which is on all others are on myfonts.

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Oh, Linotype Akko too.


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For "friendly" I rather like Cronos.

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You know, I was forced to license Omnes Pro for an ongoing project.

It's friendly, yes, but probably looks too much like a pampers advert for what you need.

The main reason I bring this up: at first, I wasn't entirely pleased to have to use it as I'm a bit tired of rounded fonts. However, I have become a fan -- with all its weights, stylistic sets, numbers that come enclosed in circles (massive, massive, timesaver), arrows of all sorts.

I'm quite surprised to find that it is the best font I have ever used.

It probably doesn't work for your project, and I don't mean to hijack your thread, but Omnes has helped me re-evaluate how I'll choose fonts for projects, especially if they involve a lot of typesetting and information display/design.

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