Jellyphant round

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This is a face that I've been messing with for a while now...just wanted to get some feedback.

jelly.swf (3 k)

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looks pretty interesting overall. the tight fit of several glyph combos is nice--"a-n" and "u-n", and the varying thickness of the horizontal stroke (tough to describe that) on the m and w add interest.

i do think that the a is too similar to the o. did you try an older style a--similar to rotating the e 180 degrees? the crossbar on the t makes for an awkward space to the left of that glyph. perhaps make the short side on the left of the stem, and the longer side to the right. does that make it feel unbalanced?

i don't get the reasoning behind "round"...

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Thanks for the suggestions! I changed the "a" and the "t" and I'm happy with how they look.

As for the "round" designation, I'm working on two versions of the face, one called round and the second, pointy. The difference being the shape of the serif-like shape on some of the characters.

jelly_new.swf (4 k)

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It's nice having variant serifs, but note that your "pointy" structure is too delicate, in terms of robust rasterization.


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