Nice Serif

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There are few characters, but I wonder which is the font used in this beautiful CD cover

(top type of course, the lower one seems pretty much like Georgia)

Thanx a lot :)


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ITC version of ITC Bookman includes some swash variants.
It matches /e/u/b/ (ITC Bookman Medium Italic) and /h/ (ITC Bookman Swash Medium slanted, but I have no idea about /T/ & /R/

I found it using Find my Font -

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That's it, thanx a lot !

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Maybe Bookmania? (I haven't checked)

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Bookmania and Bookman JF Pro have both this Th-ligature.

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You may also like the recent revival of Bookman, Bookmania by Mark Simonson. Slightly different design from ITC version but tons of swashes and alternates.
EDIT: really too late...

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