How can I convert a type one font to OpenType without losing any of the glyph quality?

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Hello friends,

Fortunately the OpenType font format allows for glyphs in either Type 1 or TrueType format. So all you have to do is make sure the font conversion program you use doesn't automatically convert the glyphs to TrueType format during the conversion. Fontlab's font converter, TransType Pro, will even add some OpenType features during conversion if the appropriate glyphs are present.

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So FontLab has hired RBN* to spam Typophile or something? ;-)



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Getting kicked out of the forum this soon after such a warm welcome ... (here).

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So, are threads like this deleted and users like this warned!?

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If only Typophile search would work, this would be a really important post.

BTW TransType is a good solution for that specific problem.

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I don't mind at all, that TransType is recommended here at Typophile. It's the perfect place. But it should either be a real recommendation by actual users of the product or a real advertising from FontLab, which they could have posted in the blog section.
But this kind of hidden spam, planted here to show up in search engines and fool people that this is a real FontLab user talking is just terrible.
(And it is bad advertising for FontLab and Typophile as well, if things like that are not taken care of.)

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