Condensed sans serif font used by Marinetti for Dinamo

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Hi there,

Can anyone identify this typeface, which was used by Marinetti in Dinamo magazine? It would have been in use around the turn of the century late 1800s/ early 1900s. Any ideas?:

I know that it isn't the following typefaces (although they are wonderful and similar):
Tungsten, Knockout, Heroic Condensed, Dharma Gothic, nor is it Tall Skinny Condensed



PS- Agree with other commenters: it is difficult to avoid posting in the "solved IDs" section. Hoping that this post ends up in the correct place this time…

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It's busy work for us too.
I found two closes:
Flat It Type Foundry-Ryoichi Tsunekawa/Rama Gothic C Bold

Pomeroy, Ann/ETwentyFive

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Given the age of the sample (turn of the 20th century) I doubt Tungsten etc. can be considered. I am thinking about a narrow variant of Monotype Grotesque (perhaps No. 77), while "RIVISTA" etc. could be a wider variant (No. 10?).
Another candidate for DINAMO is Advertisement Grotesque Condensed, also known as Narrow Grotesque, it had been around since 1865.

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Thank you all so much. I think ETwentyFive is the winner (will work perfectly for this project.)

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