Okay, boys and girls: here's a challenge.

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So, I know a guy. He's a filmmaker by profession and, much like me, a total loon. We have collaborated on and off for the past thirty years or so on a number of minor film projects, on a variety of important subjects. Basically, I get a lot of creative freedom, designing the promotional material, and he promises to pay me, but never does. Which is cool, I suppose. Like I have a choice.

Anyhow, he's got a new project in the works on the subject of alcohol-free Texas redneck rock…or something to that effect. The working title is RENEGADE HEARTS AND HONK-TONK NIGHTS, and here are a few clips…


Anyone up for designing a logo and promotional material for no pay? At present, I just have a little too much on my plate to devote the time and attention necessary. Of course, any Nick's Fonts you might need for the project would be on the house. Let me know…

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What’s the timeframe for this, Nick?

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Sometime this year, probably. Sooner is better, but no rush, beggars not being choosers, and all…

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Sometime this year, sooner rather than later, I'll have something you Nick.

Can I run with this...


Or how about this...




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Excellent suggestion; I will pass it along to the director. He will be thrilled at the level of creative insight displayed by the illustrious members of this forum…

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what's the statement that has to be illustrated? Now, ideas can differ from bareback octopus bronc to a bird singing from a base of a glass turned upside-down.

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Those ideas are definitely different. The first is downright intriguing. The second is, as well, but perhaps too similar—in an odd way—to the artwork I did for Mickey's last project…

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What about “Renegade Nights & Honky-tonk Hearts.” That makes for nicer alliteration.

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...work on a few details ...slap on some text ...y'all good to go.


I couldn't resist ... been listenin' to Dwight Yoakam all day long.

Comments? Crits?



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Some olde tyme Honkey-tonk music: (I don’t think Dwight counts)

Jelly Roll Morton — Finger Breaker

Meade Lux Lewis — Honkey Tonk Train Blues

Bill Doggett — Honky Tonk (has an album cover)

And the neon sign reference is very cute, but I think it misses the mark of the genre. It sort of reminds me of the country bar episode from the Simpson’s where Homer meets Lurleen.

See also


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In one of the last public interviews Johnny Cash ever gave was with the King ... Larry King. Cash was asked who was the greatest country singer ... Cash said without hesitation ...Dwight Yoakam.

I own pretty much near everything Yoakam has put out including his most remarkable 4 CD collection Reprise Please.

This guy is 100% pure honky tonk country ... and also does an amazing job putting his style on any cover his has ever done ... Suspicious Minds is one of my favs for sure. Songs like Thinking About Leaving, Bury Me, Two Doors Down, Love caught up to me, etc., etc.. ... I really can't express strong enough how this guy IS country and Honky Tonk ... old skool & nu skool too!!

At the heart of most every pure honky tonk / country song is a heart felt sense of humor... an incredible wit, a twist of phrase, a chord progression, even right down to the threads they wear Buck Owens as an example ... Dwight Yoakam is all of that too!

Dwight Yoakam is a national treasure ... nuff said.

As for my most awesome honky tonk graphic ... sorry but a day later on I still think it's awesome but even more so :)))

Great linkage!! Thanks :)


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...and I might add that there's a country mile of difference between honk tonk country and rock that tries to pose as honky tonk.

Just sayin'.


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