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Hi again. been long time since last time.

I've been asked to create a logo for a new domotic company. The owner basically want an image of friendly, easy, kind, affable, to surmount the idea of domotic = complexity, difficult, unaccesible...etc

I've done few sketches in that way
The second is maybe more technological and less toy, more serious.
More simple.

Just wanted to try an alternative way, more conceptual of domotic as central access and management and interconection, intelligence,etc..
I know it's distant from what's asked for, but what do you think about showing also this? Doesn't it keep the idea of simplicity and cleaness?


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Personally, I'm not sure that the Bauhaus-esque face you are using suggests the "friendly, easy, kind, affable" because of it's intensely rigid structure. Humanist typefaces are what this is about.

THe typeface you have used for the top 3 ideas is simple and clean, but lacks a human touch.

As far as a good typeface to use, i will have to have a think about that, and figure out what "domotic" means.

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Just trying with other types and "humanising" the icon :P



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Domotic is dom(icile aut)o(ma)tic, I believe. I think that anyone considering that would prefer to use a company that represents itself in a hi-tech manner, therefore the bauhaus/chalet is more appropriate. The icon is another matter, your first icon represents to me a broadcast, whereas your last posts are a bit martial arts, I like the network/molecular structure of your fourth icon you could develop it for a more user-friendly, human feel, alternatively you could use a hand-in-control icon (whether as a click of the fingers or hand holding remote - heavily simplified) or use type to illustrate, your third logo is approaching this if the L was using the O as a button, although the radiating curves need work.

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thank you for your post, you have some good ideas.

Domotic is a mix of Domestic and Robotic, a more succesful term than "intelligent buldings".

i found too the martial arts position and would be changed by a normal standing man. I consider it ok as showing man having control in an easy way.
My personal favourite is the network icon, althouh you're right: it lacks of human feel. i'll work on it. and, finally, it's a good idea the finger/hand holding remote for the third logo. will see what can i do.

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I prefer the type in the first set, but just the type in 'domotica' (both types). The second set seems too soft and overly-humanistic to me.

But more importantly, the images you're using don't seem related enough to domotics and their purpose/benefits. I can see the connections you're making, but without the explanation they don't read quickly for me. Perhaps you could use something like the Vitruvian man. The idea of the human being central in a system, and having their abilities extended. Or perhaps you could emphasize the harmony between the person and their home (enabled by domotics). That would lead towards icons representing home.

Also, I think the image of a remote is a negative, unless the remote is very unique and recognizable. (But maybe that's just me: I've got about 7 remotes at home, I don't want another one.)

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I don't get what the company does. Is this a company that could use a quick tag line to clarify their business. Otherwise it could be a ISP, telephone service, etc

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