WANTED: A movie typophile: An Interview for a student magazine ; "Typography in movies"

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We're 3 second year graphic design students from Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences, from Kouvola, Finland. We are making our own student magazine as a school project and the subject of the magazine will be about graphic design. The magazine will also be published in the internet. (We'll announce it later.)

We have chosen typography in movies as our subject for the magazine.

We would like to find some people, who are somehow involved with typography in movies; whether you're very enthusiastic about it or even working with typography in movies to interview. We'd hope to learn more about this subject through your views and opinions. It would also be interesting to hear about your work or projects.

Thank you in advance!

For further information and questions about the interview; you can contact us by sending email to:


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Johanna, you should contact Yves, he is the editor of the Screen Fonts Blog over at Fontshop.

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Thanks a lot for the advice!

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See also Mark Simonson's Typecasting and The Son of Typecasting.

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In my next life I file a register of typographic faults and sins in movie settings.
I’ll be very long I’m afraid.

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Yves and Mark are right on. And if you're going to cover subtitling get in touch with Joe Clark - although I don't agree with all his opinions, he's pretty well-informed on the topic (just don't let his character get in the way).

BTW make sure you talk about the making of the movie Avatar, where they paid US$100,000 to have a language invented, but then used Papyrus!


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Thanks again for your comments!

We'll try to reach Joe Clark but if he doesn't reply, do you have some other "movie typophiles" in mind (who have knowledge in the topic)?

And Avatar is a definite addition to our text, since our main text is going to be about "Good and Bad Typography in Movies"!

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