New Font Release - Graffix - Your Verdict?

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The name should give you a clue. A would-be modern classic in the mould of Helvetica or Futura, but with just a hint of Art Deco flavouring thrown in. Crisp, bold, geometric, ideal for headlining an ad or a magazine article, yet versatile enough to be used as a text face. What do you think? Just released from my foundry – Studio K – at, Graffix is available in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic in OTF and TTF and as a web font.

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Can't be a text face with that spacing.


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I would dial it down a bit if you’re shooting for classic.

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Hmm... More of a Kabel, IMAO. But, yeah, it feels a tad cramped on screen outside of display sizes. Maybe add headline and text cuts with wider spacing?

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