Handwriting Font used in People's Education Press (PRC) 7th Grade English Textbook (2007)

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This font is used to teach handwriting in mainland China. The supplied image was taken from the People's Education Press (PEP)/Cengage Learning's 7th Grade English Textbook "Go For it!".

I've tried to identify this font myself but haven't had any luck. The closest I have come has been the Victorian Handwriting font used in some Australian schools. Any help with identification would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know if this will be useful information but apparently the textbook is based on an original text by David Nunan (also titled "Go For it!") published in 1999 by Heinle & Heinle Publishers in Boston.

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It could well be a bespoke typeface.
There are several “school fonts” meant for learning handwriting.
Some examples:

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