Identity issues - bilingual edition

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I'm doing the identity for an online school with a primarily spanish speaking target demographic. All printed materials will be entirely bilingual, so my first thought was to find an appropriate font by a native spanish foundry, on the premise that the ligatures and accents will be more appropriately integrated. (This may be overkill, but it makes the font search more fun and gives me something extra to talk about with the client..)

Well, I looked at Letras Latinas and sudtipos, and Latinaires is a great font, not too many weights, though. Mr. Giacco is alright as well, but not entirely appropriate.

And then I tried the logo in Auto 2 from underware and that is one hell of a font. It's quirky enough in italic to really set the company apart, but conservative enough to work well as a text font in its regular form.

Klavika and Locator from processtypefoundry are nice too, but not quite as unique.

So the question is two-fold:

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill by limiting the search to spanish native type houses?

If typophile thinks spanish designers are a reasonable starting point, can anyone recommend a slightly quirky, not at all clubby spanish speaking font that might be appropriate...

The company is iLearn Institute so a really straight forward sans gets too close to iTunes iPod iEtc. for the clients legal department.

Thanks in advance,


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