In desperation of finding face for this logo...

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Its for my personal website, I need a face that can also be used for article headings. I'm completely lost, tried so many families and no one seems to work.

Thank you!

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Bauhaus or one of the variations...

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Some “melted” faces:

Zapf International
Cooper Black

Diametric to that:
Sistina (but with the classical vibe I get from the image).

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Thank you both a lot!

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@Theblankstare: Can you please describe your context to help people make more informed recommendations?

Without knowledge of context (who you are, what you do, who your audience is, what your goals are &c) the only feedback you can get is subjective, aesthetic guesswork. Think more about fitness for purpose, than personal preference.

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FF Cocon.


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…the only feedback you can get is subjective, aesthetic guesswork…

Not at all. A stylized image may be complemented by a similarly stylized type, if one can identify the style, which I did in this case as “melted”.

If you take a sharp typeface and blur it, then adjust the sliders to make it high contrast with no grey, you end up with a melted effect like Ketchupa. (Thermography produces the effect quite literally.)

If you take a greyscale image of a face, and adjust the sliders to high contrast with no grey, you end up with a melted image like that of the OP.

I had a go with your avatar and Souvenir Demibold seemed to work quite well, better than Ketchupa—the trick seems to be too relate the B/W proportion and the scale of detail of the typeface with that of the image, and that is not guesswork but a matter of skill and taste.

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Now that’s a keeper! Thank you.

(and I’ve been thinking of a new avatar too…)

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It reminds me of Averia:

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Averia perhaps?

(edit) Oh, jeez. Riccard0 was first :)

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Thank you all!

@ Chris Dean

Its for my personal portfolio.

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