Script Typeface to pair with Avante Garde Gothic suggestions needed

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Yes, that is Brush Script.

In this snippet image, you see two ways the script typeface will be used on this website. I would love for those more knowledgeable in typeface-pairing to make some suggestions. I am quite lost when it comes to script/brush fonts, even moreso with pairing them.

Some more info: This is for a website design. The sans-serif typeface "Avante Garde Gothic" is not changeable.

Thank you for your time and input.

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How about something with a uniform stroke weight, like Kaufmann Script or Monoline Script?

And whether you like Avant Garde Gothic or not, please be professional and spell it correctly.

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I've chosen Spills OT.

Please delete this thread if possible, thanks!

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Why delete the thread?


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