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71 Colin Hartnett ....... Scala ................. f ... Martin Majoor ......... Aug.15
70 Eduardo Omine ........ Aura .................. g ... Rub

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Thanks Eduardo!

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Wow, great stuff!

I especially appreciated the Most Wanted Characters.


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Thanks Eduardo.


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>Has everyone gone NUTS?

Apparently, yes... :->
And, BTW, how do you get the funny smileys all around?

>Most Wanted Characters

Interesting result indeed, although predictable somehow.
And Colin posted one more ampersand...

BTW, please let me know if anyone see any mistakes,
specially regarding the typefaces' designers.

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> specially regarding the typefaces' designers.

Oh yeah...

#60: Was this the one originally from the hand of Schneider (or Schneidler)?

#59: Ruzicka.

#54: ITC who?

#46: Frutiger?

#39: More Reginald & Binney (or whoever their punchcutter was).

#32: Georg Trump.

#30: Rodrigo Cavazos.

#28: Kaiser, after Fleischmann.

#26: with Kobayashi's help.

#25: Agfa/Monotype who?

#22: ITC who?

#21: Starling Burgess.

#18: You mean Middleton's Tempo?

#16: Daniels.

#10: ITC who? Boton.

#09: Kaufmann.

#08: After one of the Caslons.

#02: Eidenbenz.

#01: ITC who?


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Thanks Hrant and Yves.
I must admit I got too lazy to look for all the due credits. :-P

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Lazy? You're kidding.


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Thanks for the list, very good! I have 2 comments!

1. I don't think its exact to make a top of number of answers, because, sometimes, the answers need to be multiple. I remember the post from Kent: 6 or 8 quiz in same time to answer. I'm sure there is others.

2. The numbers of wrong answers by quiz is a good indication of difficulty of it and interesting too.

Anyway, sorry if seems a critic, it is not, just some throughs. And saddly I don't have time to do it myself. Thanks again

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>#54: ITC who?
Berlin Sans was drawn by David Berlow after the original by Lucian Bernhard. It's published by Font Bureau, not ITC.

>#46: Frutiger?
Romic was designed by Colin Brignall.

>#39: More Reginald & Binney (or whoever their punchcutter was).
It was Binny & *Ronaldson*. And I'm pretty sure that Archibald Binny did the actual cutting. But that's for Pica Roman #1 (aka Oxford). Monticello, the original revival, is usually credited to Griffith or the Lino drawing office.

>#25: Agfa/Monotype who?
Truesdell was drawn by Steve Matteson based on Goudy.

>#22: ITC who?
Avant Garde was drawn by Tom Carnese.

>#21: Starling Burgess.

6. Indigo was created by Johann Str

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Oh, one more. #32 Trump Mediaeval was designed by Georg Trump.

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Ok, J-F.
About your first comment, I went back to the archives and included those multiple ID challenges to the "score-board". (see below)
About your second comment, I think it would be very interesting too, but I'm afraid it would be really hard to check every wrong guess posted.

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58 Kent Lew ..... 9/15 ... 2 ... Jul.10
56 J-F Porchez ... 6/8 ... n ... Jul.08
50 Kent Lew ...... 4/8 ... g ... Jul.02

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

.. Rank ...................

01 Kent Lew ............ 20
02 J-F Porchez .......... 9
03 BJ Harvey ............ 8
04 Eduardo Omine ........ 7
05 Peter Bruhn .......... 6
06 Cheshire Dave ........ 5
07 Heinrich Lischka ..... 5
08 F

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> (jfp) 1. I don't think its exact to make a top of number
of answers, because, sometimes, the answers need to be
multiple. I remember the post from Kent: 6 or 8 quiz in
same time to answer. I'm sure there is others

Eduardo, you bumped yourself and myself back and
bumped up jfp, one of the "others". :P

Actually, the times that we've done multiple
IDs, the underlying premise is that you reveal full
characters on lots of mid-range to easy IDs,
probing gaps in a person's cumulative knowledge.

Tallying each of those IDs seems kinda illogical
and skewed.

If I were to make a challenge to find 90 out of 100
glyphs, does the winner get 90....

That said, I really don't like the leader boards for this
particular pursuit and if they went away, I wouldn't
cry about it.

We're all here because we are fanatical about type
and/or obsessed with fontasizing (looking at type)
and we find this fun. That's good enough for me.
Without a level playing field
(like we could have at TypeCon), tallying this
takes away some of the fun for me.

just some thoughts


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I guess you're right, bj.
So let's just forget this, ok?
The quiz is not a competition, it's just for fun.

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What about fun competition?


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what about it....

the "fun competition" (for me) comes from trying to figure
it out first. I found it fun two turns ago to recognize
neuland right away, but to lose the ID because I couldn't
nail down which one. To see the email red dot as I was fussing
with P22s typecaster, that was fun and yes,
a bit of a thrill.

this fun competion exists whether someone tallies or
not, for me.

i didn't say don't tally the winners, I said that

a) jfp's suggestion was illogical (my opinion)
b) if there's no tally, I'm not going to cry about it
c) in my opinion, the tallying takes away the fun (for me)

I'm speaking specifically about this Type ID pop quiz and
not the Type ID board, which is a different animal. But I don't make
the rules and if someone likes tallying these, fine, no worries.


hrant, it seems as if your interest was renewed by the
leaderboard. So if that's the case, there's another
good reason to keep the tallies going: to keep the interest.

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> it seems as if your interest was renewed by the leaderboard.

Yes, but in truth I've now realized that trying to beat
Eduardo out of first place in the overall time chart is
a bit too superficial, and have decided to again
pull out of the ID business - not because it's "lowly" or
something - it's not, in fact it's great mental exercise
and good socializing - it's just to make my time-management
a little less inefficient... Except I went into my Profile,
unchecked the Type ID Forum, but the messages keep coming! :-/


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Eduardo, this is great!

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Has everyone gone NUTS? Listmania galore.
Eduardo, you're a gem.

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