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Robert Slimbach’s Kepler is sometimes mentioned in these forums as a typeface that deserves more frequent use. I haven’t been able to find any examples at all – pdf’s, books… Are you aware of any?

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I think Adobe Magazine used to be set in it.


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You are right, it was used from spring 1997 to Jan/Feb 2000. (
In the issue from spring 1997 there's even an article introducing Kepler.
Thank you, hrant!

Please keep the examples coming!

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Kepler was my workhorse type before I designed my Brill family, and it remains my favourite of Robert Slimbach's designs. I don't care so much for the light and expanded styles, but once it has some meat on its bones it is a fine design.

At my suggestion, it is used for the Dorchester Review, a Canadian high Tory journal out of Ottawa. Unfortunately, there is no sign of it on their current website, other than in photographs of the journal cover. The neoclassical aspects of the design suit the tone of the journal well, while its romantic aspects are pleasingly subversive (at least to me).

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@ThomasH: “Please keep the examples coming!

For what purpose is this research? Personal? Professional? Academic?

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I’m looking for a typeface to be used in a master’s thesis, and since I’m but a poor student I would like to see the type in action before deciding where to spend the money. So “academic”, I guess – the subject isn’t type-related, though (theology), and basically I like good typography; therefore “personal” as well.

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Kepler sounds pretty good for theology. If your text isn't too long though you could opt for something more expressive.


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I can't really help you with your initial question, but I was at a similar point as you are, when deciding which typeface I should use for my thesis. I ended up with Cycles Eleven. However given the printing conditions one is faced as a non graphic industry professional I probably would advice Cycles Nine.
I never regretted it, and I still think it is a magnificent choice. An unobtrusive text typeface with a tamed renaissance touch, but enough character to be interesting.

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I saw Kepler used in a magazine not that long ago. I’m thinking it was Discover, but I don’t have any current issues at hand to check.

I note that you’re in Denmark, so that probably won’t help you much, as the American edition is not likely to be on your local newsstand.

Plus, I recall that this was not a stellar example. They were using a slightly narrow cut (possibly mechanically squooshed — oy!) and the H&Js were doing it no favors at all.

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Thank you all so far!

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I used Kepler (in its multiple master form) for a book: it was Answering Chief Seattle, by Albert Furtwangler, which I designed (interior & exterior) for the University of Washington Press in 1997. You can see a few of the interior pages by way of Amazon’s “Look inside” feature, though of course they appear crudely rendered here:

It’s not the easiest typeface in the world to use, but it can work very well if it’s treated right. Always give it enough space!

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Umm, Mitt Romney's store uses it for prices...

Jason C

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