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I've made a font that works perfectly, but doesn't show up in a right way in Finder's quick preview and in FontXplorer's preview. The font has lot's of opentype features, one of them being a CALT feature that, when it's on, it replaces the first and the last glyph of the word with alternative shapes. In the previews, the font is shown with this feature on, when it should be off as a default state. Here's a screen grab of my features with the CALT selected.

I'm guessing the features are in wrong order? How to get the previews to show the default state without OT feats?

Screen shot 2012-09-14 at 8.48.43 AM.png39.52 KB
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The calt feature is on by default. I'd rather use Contextual Swashes (cswh).

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Ok, thanks. I'll try that. So I gather it's controlled with the same Contextual Alternate -buttons in Indesign and Illustrator?

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No, swashes (swsh and cswh) are triggered with the Swash buttons/menus in InDesign and Illustrator.

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Oh. But then I can't have the swash feature at the same time. Would it be ok to make this a Titling alternate feature? Then it won't work in Photoshop, but might be a reasonable compromise. Any chance to sign it to Contextual Alternate button, but not as default?

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