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Does anyone know the font used on this To Go sign for Famous Dave's. I believe it's the same font as what they use inb the logo, but I can't find it. It looks similar to Dom Diagonal, but it's slightly different.

Any help is appreciated.


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Looking at the Famous Dave's logo, I can see this font is not the same, but this is one of the ones they use in their branding as the photo is from a To Go Parking sign.

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Look for a font called Falkland (with a slight condense).

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The font in their logo (bellow) must be Brophy Script

The font in "To Go" sign can be found under a lot of different names/publishers:

(1) Falkland - (C) 1994 Brendel Informatik GmbH
(2) Snyder - Pat Snyder, 1797 Ross Inlet, Coos Bay, OR 97420 Shware $15
(3) Jetsam 1 - Cambridge Fontworks
(4) BrendalauerScriptSCapsSSK - Copyright 1995 Southern Software, Inc.,
(5) BlarneySCapsSSK - Copyright 1993 Southern Software, Inc.
(6) Speedy Marker - Copyright (c)1993,1996 Weatherly Systems, Inc.
(7) GE Quick Mark - Copyright 1999, Graphx Edge, all rights reserved

Some of these publishers -at least (1),(4),(5) and (6)- are well known for their font forgeries, therefore I suggest to not use these fonts.
If somebody knows which is the original version/designer, please inform us.

I found them using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

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Also available as Snyder Speed (free):


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The Cambridge Fontworks rip-off, like all of theirs, still contains the PSFontName of what they simply renamed, in this case, all three of their Jetsam fonts contain the original Snyder fontnames.

WSI produced some documentation with their fonts, usually indicating that a font was 'based on' or 'similar to' some other existing font. In the case of Speedy Marker, there is no such attribution. They DID actually create some fonts from scratch.

I would hazard a guess that either WeatherlySystems or Pat Snyder was the original digitization; and an even less-educated guess that there was no pre-digital version.

- Herb V B

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I believe Falkland is the winner.


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