weighted manicules

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I've been experimenting with ways of adding weight to manicule glyphs, by simulating more shade on the hand as the font moves from light to bold. It doesn't fit with the font I'm working on at the moment so I'm ditching them for that, but I thought it was quite a nice way of doing it (rather than just making the outline thicker), so I thought I'd share it:

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Nice indeed!

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I love it!

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Awesome. Makes me want to layer them grayscale to see the 3D effect.

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Yeah, I tried that. It looks like this:

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This is what I did in Figgins Sans.
However, in types where I’ve included manicules, I’ve usually done two—Regular and Bold— which are not style linked, because they have different Unicodes, 261E WHITE RIGHT POINTING INDEX, and 261B BLACK RIGHT POINTING INDEX.
e.g. Fontesque:

Scotch Modern:

Other aspects of the manicule may be considered, such as the typographic quality of its counters vis-a-vis those of the letters in the font, and whether it’s left or right handed—i.e. with or without fingers 2, 3 and 4. Perhaps we could have a different Unicode for left and right handed manicules?!

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One reason for me not including it in the font was the black/white Unicode issue. I guess you could have both black and white versions style linked by having a bony old hand for light and a big muscly hand for bold.

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Very elegant solution. I absolutely dig it.

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An elegant solution indeed, but a clumsy-looking hand.
That’s to be expected, following an established model in a genre that’s traditionally all-male.
Though not etymologically correct, womanicules might be a good idea.

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Here you go then, light and bold

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I’m liking it!
The bracelet is a nice touch; perhaps it could be used to define the left edge, to lessen the behanding effect?

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Or a fluffy seventies cuff

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked here. Back to some real work.

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Ouch! I just had this exact same idea -- a feminine manicule.

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Hmmm ... a manicule and a womanicule ...

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Dave, your solution posted initially is very good. The high end of this would be an all-black hand.

And I like the idea of mapping the womanicule (new term?!) to Italic …

As for Unicode, there are actually three pairs (left/right) of pointers encoded:
261A – 261B
261C – 261E
1F448 – 1F449
DON’T ask me why.
It is a mess, of course. That’s Unicode …

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