please help identify this futuristic joined-letter font

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thanks very much, appreciate the help.

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(bump -- I attempted to find it, it looks quite interesting. Are those Opentype ligatures?)

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I can't find a match but Arkitech (Medium) by Ivan Filipov is of similar style (no connection though) and NOZSTUDIO by Raul Queiroz Oliveira has a similar /N/ but the rest glyphs are quite different.

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Using WhatFontIs:
As far as shapes go, Sci Fied 2002 (Andreas Nylin) is a look-a-like, except for the 'N'.

Ray Larabie's Neuropol X has sort of the same vibe.

Nothing with an N quite like this, and nothing with the elaborate ligatures.
Can you tell where you got your sample? That might help.

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